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What’s New at Moksh


    Working out indoors can be fun too. Come and enjoy a 4 month membership for Rs 5,999 only at Moksh, the wellness place on Breach Candy.

    Offer valid from June 15 till July 14.
    Check out our brand new express facility, Moksh Zip, in Akash Ganga, just two blocks away from Moksh.

    Conditions apply
    Taxes apply
    Come and try the hot stone therapy and a host of other massages
    Moksh: 23610221/23676990
    Visit us at www.mokshonline.com and www.mokshzip.com

  2. PNC Wellness Ltd® and Franchise India partner for Moksh® and Moksh Zip

    PNC Wellness Ltd®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd (PNC), has announced that it has partnered with Franchise India to grow its wellness brands, Moksh® and Moksh Zip™. This is the perfect time since various studies have shown that Indians are slowly on their way to becoming one amongst the world's most health-poor populations. This has led to a huge wellness revolution in our cities and has even percolated down to every small town of India.

    While the first year of expansion will see the Moksh brand expand in tier I cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, year 2 and 3 will see the brand move to tier II and III cities in India thereby ensuring a nationwide footprint.

  3. PNC’s Moksh Wins Most Popular Wellness Brand Award 2012, second year in a row!

    Moksh, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pritish Nandy Communications and one of India's leading wellness brands, received the Most Happening Wellness Brand Award in Mumbai from BIG Brands Research second year in a row. In a recently organized gala event by BIG Brand Research, the prestigious award was presented by Shri Anupam Kher to Mrs Rina Pritish Nandy, Director PNC Wellness. Joining her on stage were Shrinivas Gaine, General Manager, PNC Wellness and Aspi Kotwal, Manager, PNC Wellness.

    BIG Research is an organization dedicated to identification and felicitation of the best performers in different industries, business categories and geographies. BIG Research is a multi-faceted organization that has several business interests including market research and brand management.

    When contacted Mrs Rina Pritish Nandy said “Another year. Another award where Moksh has been chosen as the most popular wellness brand in Mumbai! It’s a great feeling and goes to show how wellness and being fit have become important in the lives of people. Hopefully, Moksh will bag one more award next year too thus scoring a hat trick!”

    Most Popular Wellness Brand Award 2012


  4. Moksh & Hindustan Times launch Mission Fitter Mumbai 2011, Mumbai’s biggest wellness festival

    Moksh and Moksh Zip, wholly owned subsidiaries of Pritish Nandy Communications and one of India's leading wellness brands, alongwith Hindustan Times, are launching a week-long wellness extravaganza Mission Fitter Mumbai for the citizens of Mumbai. This seven day, non-profit initiative, will be hosted from 21st November to 27th of November 2011 at Moksh, The Wellness Place at Breach Candy. Some of the workshops will also be hosted by the newly opened express facility, Moksh Zip, located at Warden Road.

    The weeklong workshops, which begin as early as 8 in the morning and continue through the day till 10 at night, will range from the classic and popular forms of workouts like Passion Yoga, Power Yoga, Cool Yoga for Couples, Yoga for Kids, Pilates, Bollywood Aerobics, Bollywood Dance for Adults and Kids, Salsa, Kickboxing, Ballroom Dance, Martial Arts, Diet & Lifestyle Counseling, Art of Ageing to new age, exotic workouts like CrossFit, Capoeira, TRX, ViPR, Core Synergistics Training, Tango & Paso Doble, Boot Camp, Zumba, Gym Sessions, Belly Dance, Pole Dance, Lap Dance, Freestyle Dance, Rebounding & Agility training and much, much more. Some of the city’s finest and most accomplished professionals will be coming in to conduct these workshops, which includes experts like Sandip Soparrkar, Reza Massah, Mehul Kumar, Ziauddin Khatib, Madhuri Ruia, Shalini Bhargava, Dheepesh Bhatt, Smeeta Shitole, Kunal Sharma, Yogi Shiv Kumar Mishra, Dr Pratima Rajan, Veronica Simas De Souza, Kunjan Kanakia, Shilpa Rane, Lavina Khanna, Abhishek Zaveri and Dance India Dance winner, Salman Khan.

    This seven day affair is exclusively for the citizens of Mumbai because unfortunately, people in India still pursue age old gymming tactics in the hope that it will improve and enhance the quality of their lives. This is the perfect way to make people understand, by virtue of their interaction with various specialists and professionals, that there are far more fun, adventurous and exotic ways to achieve wellness as a whole rather than just pursue the stale and outdated concept of fitness. This is our opportunity to introduce the common man to a whole new world of wellness, as we see it.

    Says Rina Pritish Nandy, “This festival attempts to bring the notion of fitness closer to the common Mumbaikar. HT is a powerful media platform and Moksh, and it’s exciting new adaptation Moksh Zip, form the city’s premier wellness brand. HT and Moksh get together at this festival to offer an exciting new menu of fitness products that will hopefully tempt people to come and experience them free and improve the quality of their lives.

    The HT Mission Fitter Mumbai campaign works in perfect unison with the Moksh philosophy of making wellness a serious but delightful option to keep yourself optimally fit. The basic cardio and strength regime have been made much more fun. To that we have added an amazing variety of delightful new options. Passion Yoga, a Moksh innovation, Zumba, the current dance rage, Bootcamp, ViPR and Crossfit for those who want to test their limits, and Capoeira, Pilates, Salsa, Power Yoga, TRX, Kickboxing, Tango and Paso Doble, Freestyle Dance, Bollywood Aerobics, Classic Ballroom Dancing, latest rages in martial arts like Kudo, Aikijujutsu and Laido and many other mind-boggling options like Lap Dancing, Belly Dancing and Pole Dancing—Mumbai’s favourites. Have fun! Stay fit! And, remember, it’s free but you must register well in advance to avoid the rush because the workshops will be conducted by the best and most exciting professionals in the city. Bring your kids also for Bollywood Dancing and Yoga for Kids. Come sample the best of fitness options! Who knows? Any of these workshops may change your life!”
    Click here for more ...

    Click here for complete schedule ...

    Click here for Festival Pictures ...


  6. Moksh®, a brand of PNC Wellness Ltd which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd, and one of India's leading wellness brands, has launched Moksh Zip™ the prêt format of the original brand. This 4000 sq ft plus fitness hub is located at Warden Road, Mumbai.


    Moksh Zip™ is the express version of Moksh® designed for a contemporary audience of resolute fitness enthusiasts and aimed at specific neighbourhoods in residential and commercial districts of a city, starting with Mumbai. It is sharper in design, smarter in space, staffed with certified personnel only, packed in with equipment from the world’s safest and most respected equipment makers Precor of USA and has one focus alone: tailored fitness and slimming the way each member wants it.

    The facility houses a state-of-the-art smart gymnasium with a multi-stationed cardiovascular studio, Zip Nirvana Lite: unisex spa and showers with experienced masseurs and therapists, a unisex hair and beauty salon operated by Ishita Thakkar of Bangd Salon, a wellness café and juice bar, nutritionists & slimming experts, certified 1:1 personal trainers and target-oriented fitness counselling.


    Speaking on the occasion of the formal launch of Moksh Zip™, Pritish Nandy, Chairman, PNC said, “The target is clear. We aim at launching 12 franchisee outlets of Moksh Zip™ by the end of December 2012 in Mumbai and Pune to start with.  The next 5 years will see us target, using the franchise route, other metros and sub-metro cities and towns. This is in addition to the original Moksh® that remains at its flagship location in Breach Candy, the new Moksh Zip™ property and 3 other Company-owned Moksh Zip™ properties that are currently in development in different parts of southern and suburban Mumbai. Fitness is here to stay. Our 10 years of experience in this sector has ensured that we know what fitness seekers are looking for and how to help our members achieve their fitness targets and look and feel fabulous.”

    PNC Wellness Ltd’s sincerity in delivering these wellness services has fetched them some of the most celebrated international awards in this sector including the much coveted International Quality Star Gold Award at Geneva in 2008.  In 2009, Moksh® received the Institute of Economic Studies Award at the Indo-Thai Economic Cooperation seminar in Bangkok. This award was given away by Korn Dabbaransi, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand. Recently on August 30, 2011, Moksh® received the BIG Brands Award from BIG Brands Research at the hands of Chetan Bhagat.

  7. PNC’s Moksh Wins Most Happening Wellness Brand Award 2011

    Moksh, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pritish Nandy Communications and one of India's leading wellness brands, received the Most Happening Wellness Brand Award in Mumbai from BIG Brands Research. In a recently organized gala event by BIG Brand Research, the prestigious award was presented to Mrs Rina Pritish Nandy, Director PNC Wellness. In the absence of Mrs Nandy, the award was accepted by Ms Ishita Pritish Nandy, Chief Brand Strategist PNC and Mr Aspi Kotwal who runs operations at Moksh. Noted author and columnist Mr Chetan Bhagat presented the award.

    BIG Research is an organization dedicated to identification and felicitation of the best performers in different industries, business categories and geographies. BIG Research is a multi-faceted organization that has several business interests including market research and brand management. When contacted Mrs Rina Pritish Nandy said “The Award to Moksh makes us feel hugely rewarded for the decade of struggle we invested into building India’s first wellness brand and place. Starting a new idea is never an easy idea and Moksh began a little ahead of its time. But we are lucky that the concept of wellness has finally caught on and everyone wants to be fit, healthy, good looking, happy. It is no longer cool to be grumpy and unfit. We delight in this transformation and are now about to launch a Zip version of Moksh for those who are short on time and yet want to be a Moksh citizen in spirit.”

  8. ZUMBA

    Zumba classes are commencing on February 15 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6pm-7pm and every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7.30am-8.30am.

    Zumba is a Latin dance form that’s easy to learn and pure fun. It’s also a work-out for the entire body.

    Charges are as follows:

    Zumba monthly:                      Rs 4000 + tax
    Zumba 3 months:                    Rs 11,000 + tax
    Zumba 6 months:                    Rs 21,000 + tax

    Call 23610221/23676990 for more information.

    Conditions apply
    Afternoon classes will commence shortly.


    And now, Moksh is pleased to announce Personal Training in Yoga beginning this Diwali.

    For rates please contact 23610221/23676990

    Relax. Renew. Rejuvenate.

    Conditions apply.
    Moksh: 23610221/23676990
    Visit us at www.mokshonline.com

    Cardio. Weight Training. Personal Training. Exotic Massages. Yoga. Bollywood Dancing. Diet Counseling. Live DJ. Beauty Salon. Sweat Gym.


    Exotic massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, foot reflexology梩hese are all available at one of the best spas at HALF THE COST YOU WOULD PAY ELSEWHERE.

    Visit the spa@Moksh, the Wellness Place on Breach Candy and experience sheer bliss.

    The spa@Moksh is open 365 days a year from 10 to 6.


    Conditions apply.
    Moksh: 23610221/23676990

  11. SURPRISE 30

    Sounds unbelievable? But it's true.

    Join Moksh on the 30th of every month for Rs 30,000 plus taxes* and bring in a companion for free. YES, FREE.

    Baies de couleur foncee La nuit timide, terre d'ombre montres replique confortable, l'inconfort de couleur, hiver etoile en plus de chameau desole. Hublot redefinir et soigneusement mis en rolex replique montres place un nouveau Big Slap montres fruits pour nettoyer couleurs fausse montres tendance pour construire votre individu raffine avec prodigalite replique rolex ostentatoire! Preserver la force de vie en ce replique montres qui concerne moderne atmosphere standard discret hellenique et aussi, tandis que le rendement des montres Hublot Big Smack etait magnifiquement replique montre nature categorique, les gens beaucoup plus intrigue. Vous rolex replique etes incapable de reparer bien montres gracieuses et replica orologi elegantes destinees a Grand rendement Slapdash a premiere vue, la vision d'adie.
    Moksh: 23610221/23676990
    Log on to mokshonline.com and check us out.

    *Conditions apply


    1. Iaido swordsmanship
    2. Aikijujutsu pressure point fighting
    3. Kobudo weaponry
    4. Jojutsu short staff fighting
    5. Krav maga Israeli military self defence
    6. Kickboxing  
    7. Karate  

    What are you waiting for? Mehul Vora, a 7th degree black belt who has trained the likes of Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Sunny Deol, Harman Baweja and a lot of other celebrities will personally train you.

    Join quick before the course fills up.

    For further information, call Moksh on 23610221/23676990.


    There comes a time to pause, ponder, rethink our life and priorities. This is one such time.

    Try yoga to find inner peace and joy.
    Do cardio to stay fighting fit.
    Try strength training to make your muscles ripple.
    Our nutritionist will tell you how to manage your weight.
    The vibrogym will improve your blood flow.
    Try therapeutic massages at Nirvana, the spa.
    Dance away your blues at the dance studio.
    Feel your feet rejuvenate at My Foot Reflexology.
    Let Kaaya, our salon, make you look your best.

    In short, now's the time to heal yourself at Moksh, the friendliest wellness place. Times like this come rarely. Take a break. Chill out. Find yourself all over again.


    Avail of a 50% discount on gym annual membership rack rate and a 10% discount on the spa package between the 7th and 15th of the next 3 months.

    *Conditions Apply.


    10 minutes thrice a week:  That’s all it takes to keep yourself  fighting fit.
    The latest concept in fitness is the Vibro Gym.
    For your information and to put it very briefly, some of the proven benefits of this masterpiece is as follows:

    ■      Weight loss
    ■      Inch loss 
    ■      Fat loss
    ■      Reduce cellulite
    ■      Increase metabolism
    ■      Increase flexibility
    ■      Increase strength/power
    ■      Reduce pain
    ■      Increase circulation

    It’s a machine that can be used by children as well as adults under specialist supervision to attain maximum result.

    Drop in for a free demo anytime between 12 and 5.

    Call 23610221/23676990 to book your slot.


    Check out our payment schedule so you can escape paying the entire amount at one go.

    For those paying rate card annual membership, we are offering a new convenience scheme: Pay 50% on signing up and the balance 50% by post-dated cheques in 6 equal instalments over the next six months at zero interest.

    Convenient? Na?
    Any questions? Call 23610221/23676990.


    Revive. Rejuvenate. Renew. Refresh yourself.

    Passion Yoga is all set to change your life.

    This is the hottest new yoga on the international scene, a modern day take on the famous Tantra Yoga, taught by Shiv Yogi, the guru behind the new bestselling Shilpa Shetty yoga video. Passion Yoga will totally transform your life.

    Look young. Feel the passion. Find a new energy to revitalize yourself.

    Passion Yoga helps beat stress, the one single factor responsible for most of your physical and psychological problems. The series of asanas are done in quick succession in a slightly warm room to make you sweat and detox—as well as burn fat by speeding up your metabolism and opening up all your seven critical chakras one by one. These asanas are followed by pranayam, a quick effective way to not just improve your breathing but also fight back fatigue and tiredness—the natural byproducts of stressful urban living.

    Come on, challenge your lassitude. Fight your fatigue. Refresh, rediscover yourself. Without any medical intervention. Just by taking a new hard look at the you that you can be.

    Passion Yoga will make you what you always wanted to be. Stronger. Younger. More intense and passionate about every aspect of your life and well being.

    Only at Moksh. Walk in for a free class or call 2361 0221, 2367 6990.


    Roses are out, gym and spa gifts are in…
    so said a cover story in the TOI a couple of days back.

    What are you waiting for? Step inside Moksh and enquire about our gift vouchers.

    Moksh members get an additional month added to their existing memberships on gifting a voucher to a relative or friend.

    Non-members can pick up gift vouchers for annual gym membership for Rs 15,000* plus applicable taxes and spa membership for Rs 25,000** plus taxes for 20 massages of their choice.

    Make a difference to the life of a relative or a friend by gifting a Moksh gym membership or a Moksh spa membership.
    Moksh: 23610221/23676990

    *Conditions apply
    **Massages to be utilised between Monday and Friday


    Be a knock out bride with the Moksh Bride*Star package! Nisha Merchant, wedding trousseau specialist and Sangini Diamonds will be gifting a stunning bridal outfit and some spectacular jewellery to the 50th person who registers for this special package. Rush and register!

    The long hours, the intense planning, the need to get fit, the details of hair and make-up, how to get your skin sparkling--it’s enough to give the smartest, most beautiful women the biggest nightmare of their lives!

    So why do it alone? Come to MOKSH. Meet Ramita Arora - our one stop personalized bridal-groomer. Ramita comes with the specialized experience of managing her own salon and spa, she抯 trained with the best in the business of beauty and styling, she抯 studied in all the right institutes, she抯 even styled some enchanting Bollywood movies!

    The Moksh team along with Ramita will make sure your bridal journey is the smoothest ever! Here抯 how we break it down:
    1. Sign up for the Bride*Star package at Moksh.
    2. Get specialized gymming sessions with your own personal trainer.
    3. Avail of one bridal massage every week.
    4. Get 3 sessions of Passion Yoga every week with Yogi Shiv.
    5. Meet Vaishali, our in-house dietician for weekly counseling sessions.
    6. And, here抯 the best part, meet Ramita who抣l help you put together the right bridal look for the most special night of your life!

    So, get to your best body size, look beautiful and feel special on your special day!

    The Bride*Star package comes in 3 variants:

    1. The 1-month Swift Bride*Star package at Rs 50,000*
    2. The 2-month Smart Bride*Star package at Rs 40,000*
    3. The 3-month Ideal Bride*Star package at Rs 30,000*

  19. As a one-time special offer, Ramita will hold a make-up counseling and styling workshop at Moksh from December 10 to 16, 6pm to 8pm every day.

    To book your free 30 minute trial session with her during this period, collect your complimentary Bride*Star coupon from the front-desk at Moksh and set up an appointment immediately. Rush your name in because this is a limited complimentary offer.

    Be your own special Bride*Star this wedding season!

    *Plus applicable taxes.

  20. Madonna swears by it. So do Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Minogue. The world famous Vibro Gym is now available at Moksh. Call 2361 0221 for bookings.
  21. The country’s first ever Outdoor Gym is now at Moksh. Work out without the luxury of an air-conditioner and see how good you feel after a hot and sweaty work-out! It’s all about Sweat Therapy!


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